What Happened to My Riding Shoe?

Motorcycle Riding Shoes
Source: www.motorcycle-usa.com

Motorcycle Riding Shoes
Source: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com

Why “shoe” and not shoes? Because it is usually occur to one of a pair of shoes belong to me. If I wear a pair of shoes for walking, I usually find the right heel is scraped. But, if I wear a different shoes to ride a bike or motorcycle, I always find the left side soles is scraped.

Perhaps, I hold the weight pressure on the right side of my body when I walk. But when I ride the bike or motorcycle, I use my left foot to “powerwalk” the bike or motorcycle. Especially when I stuck in a traffic jam.

So, please check your riding shoes, buddy. A pair of shoes with scraped soles is quite dangerous because you could be slip on the wet ground.

A pair of shoes which soles is scraped.

A pair of shoes which soles is scraped.

“Jiwa yang lama segera pergi. Bersiaplah para pengganti.” Do you know the song 🙂 .

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